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How High Can Interest Rates Go?

For those of us that tune into the financial news regularly, we know that our central banks - both in the US and in Canada - are a little more hawkish than they've been in the past few years. In simple terms, they're raising interest rates. Slowly. Generally, interest rates only increase when economic fundamentals... Continue Reading →

Passive Vs. Active Investing

The 1920's were the wild west when it came to individuals investing in the stock market. Regulations were almost non-existent. Almost anything and everything could be said when promoting individual stocks. It was truly buyer beware. This supported a tremendous buying spree which came to a screeching halt in November of 1929. In the following... Continue Reading →

Market Correction or Plow Horse Economy?

This week the mainstream press headlines were plastered with reports of an impending market correction. I saw this quotation a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be applicable to bring up here. Chief economist at First Trust Advisors, Brian Wesbury, has been  referencing the present US recovery phase as a "plow horse economy"... Continue Reading →

Tax Changes – Income Sprinkling

Last fall we touched on some proposed income tax changes that would significantly complicate family farm corporations. The farming community, small businesses, and professional organizations all pointed out some obvious faults to the proposed changes. The Department of Finance took note of the feedback and simplified many of their initial proposed changes. They have dialed... Continue Reading →

Changes to CPP

The Department of Finance has issued a press release regarding changes to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) which they implemented, effective January 1st 2018. The Canada Pension Plan was set up with the intention that all employees and employers would contribute matching contributions for an employee’s forty-year working life (up to an indexed maximum CPP... Continue Reading →

US Tax Cut Bill; Passed.

The US Senate passed Trump's tax cut bill this past Friday, with the President signing it into law this morning. The upcoming tax cuts may have possible ramifications for the Canadian economy and Canadian investors. Corporate Taxation The big headline in the news is the reduction of US large corporate tax rate. This reduction will... Continue Reading →

Affordability of Farm Land

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the affordability of residential housing in various countries around the world. The question arises, is the current price of farm land affordable? There are three aspects in establishing the fair market value of farm land. The first aspect is emotional. You've probably heard the local coffee shop... Continue Reading →

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