Purchasing the Family Farm: Three sons want to buy the family farm. Purchase costs could ruin the plan

Grainews is an agricultural based publication written for farmers, and often by farmers, in a style they understand. Don and Erik work closely with author Andrew Allentuck, providing the background financial plans and theoretical analysis for Andrew's Farm Financial Planner column. A couple we'll call Jack and Terri, both 63, have farmed in south-central Manitoba... Continue Reading →

Retirement Apocalypse Looms

At a recent social event, a gentlemen who was close to retirement was commenting that it was no use attempting to save money with current interest rates so low. "Besides, the government will look after me in retirement" he claimed. We thought it would be useful to analyze his situation for this blog post. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Federal Tax Changes for Small Corporations Relaxed

The updated Federal budget was presented on Tuesday of this past week. There are a few changes from the originally proposed outline are are important to keep in mind. The July 2017 proposals took a somewhat draconianĀ approach to the receipt of passive income inside small corporations (interest, rental income, and dividends received). Any passive income... Continue Reading →

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