US Tax Cut Bill; Passed.

The US Senate passed Trump's tax cut bill this past Friday, with the President signing it into law this morning. The upcoming tax cuts may have possible ramifications for the Canadian economy and Canadian investors. Corporate Taxation The big headline in the news is the reduction of US large corporate tax rate. This reduction will... Continue Reading →

Affordability of Farm Land

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the affordability of residential housing in various countries around the world. The question arises, is the current price of farm land affordable? There are three aspects in establishing the fair market value of farm land. The first aspect is emotional. You've probably heard the local coffee shop... Continue Reading →

The Golden Age of Inflation

Don and Erik outside of Scotia Tower in Toronto, before inspection of the Scotia Global Banking and Wholesale precious metals vault. Inflation is on the rise. Why should you care? It's safe to assume most people want their savings to maintain its purchasing power over time. If you invest a $100 into a 5 year... Continue Reading →

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